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Upholstery for Interior

Our Services


Customizing FF&E for Designers

We provide all kinds of furniture—from loose pieces like chairs and desks, to fixed pieces like conference tables. We also offer design services so that no matter what kind of furniture you need, we can help find exactly what fits best into your space and brand.


Furniture Design & Manufacturing

At Unapalabra, we promise to design & manufacture the state of the art furniture made from wood, metal, or any desired material. With world class design & manufacturing standards using materials that are durable, strong and flexible and can be used for residential, commercial or office spaces.


Design Consultation

You can expect to work with a team of professionals who are highly skilled in their field of work. We will listen carefully to your needs and make sure that everything is taken care of before you leave. We will provide plan sketches, furniture sketches with your desired dimensions and materials.

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